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"A simple tool to save webpages for reading later."

Increase your productivity in 2 steps...

1. When you find something you want to read, but you don't have time, click "Read Later". Toe Lilac Closed Low Lopez Pura Summer Casual Dress 343 Women's Heel Shoes Leather

2. Come back when you have time, or read your articles on the go.

Browser Extensions

For information about browser extensions, including ReadItLater (similar to Instapaper), click here.

Go Mobile!


Go Mobile!

Download the iPhone and iPad app to access your instapaper account from mobile.

Cost: $4.99

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Strategies for Use

  • Increase your personal productivity!
    • Keep a running list of materials for your review, that you can access from any internet-capable device anywhere.
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  • Share Materials! 
    • Find colleagues, students or friends using Instapaper and share.
      • View their liked materials and share your liked materials with them.
  • Integrate! 
    • Share materials with other applications that you may use.
      • Share current articles and websites with students or colleagues who follow you on Facebook or Twitter.
      • Or keep track of everything you read in Evernote, including in a shared folder.

Getting Started

Getting Started with Instapaper:

1. Create a free account in less than a minute.

2. Log-in to Instapaper. Drag the provided "Read Later" bookmarklet icon to your bookmarks toolbar at the top of the page.



3. When you see a webpage or article that you want to save for later, click on the "Read Later" bookmarklet, and this webpage will automatically be added to your account for you peruse later.

Women's 343 Closed Dress Pura Casual Low Leather Lilac Summer Toe Shoes Heel Lopez 4.To access the materials you added to your account, go to Grey Womens Toddler Dark Primigi Kids Tecla wXRx5Ofq from any computer, your Kindle, or iPhone or iPad, and view the list of unread articles.

5. Click on a article to read it, then decide whether you want to delete it, archive it, organize it into a folder, or share it with another application like Evernote or Facebook.




For more information, view the FAQ page.